Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hula Hops: A Postcard from Hawaii

Maui Brewing Co. CoConut Porter Review by twistedmouth
Maui Brewing Co's Coconut Porter 
Dear Mum and Dad,

How are you? Hope youse are well. 

Things are great here in Hawaii. I’m having a real awesome time.

I’ve learnt to surf, do the hula, and I’ve seen where Barack Obama was born. Right now I’m sitting in a bayside beer supping on a Maui Coconut Porter. That’s right Dad, a coconut-flavoured porter! They were out of heavy - I did ask.

Amazingly it’s brewed across the water, on one of the wee islands on this beautiful archipelago. Who would have thought they’d have a proper brewery among all these palm trees and sand, huh?

Anyway, it’s not bad, I ‘spose. The can’s REALLY cool. Big picture of a coconut tankard, and the artwork minded me in a way of the Soviet meets Clydeside art you get in the People’s Palace. Only the main colour is tan and shiny not red. Few other differences, but that’s what it made me think of. Boy’s fist is clenched a la solidarity (only he’s hauding a pint).

The beer itself has that good old fashioned malty porter smell, and the coconutty sweetness was there too. I tried from the can first and didn’t take to it. Minded me of that reek you get along riverbanks in late summer after a heavy rain, a wee bit like that.

I was expecting to be hit by a big dod of coconut on the first taste. I wasn't, which surprised me a bit. In the glass it tastes better. Had a frothy, fizzy head on it that stayed a good wee while. For me, I thought it tasted better the more time passed. As if it took a bit longer for the flavours - roasted, spicy, coffee - to unpack themselves, you know?

It’s an award-winning beer this apparently. Some gold medal in 2006. Well, it’s alright, I ‘spose, but the one’s back home in Scotland are way better, in my opinion. And a hell of a lot cheaper I reckon. Bet you'd find it in Hippo Beers if you went looking though.

Anyway, it tasted alright, but really nothing to write home about …


Well, that’s me. Time gentlemen please and all that.

Will write soon. Love,


p.s. visiting Pearl Harbour tomorrow!

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