Sunday, May 04, 2014

Dark Abbey by Top Out Brewery

It's been a busy month, and I've been trying lots of new beers; some freshly released from the brewery, others new to me. Some bought, some were samples. Over the next couple of weeks I've going to list these, do write-ups. Diary entries really; kind of what this site was intended for originally. So, to kick off we have:

Dark Abbey: A Belgian Style Ale from Top Out Brewery (8.9%)

Dark Abbey by Top Out Brewery
Dark Abbey by Top out Brewery
Notes of treacle and lovely rich malts, not an overly pungent aroma. Poured dark with a carefree fizz, nothing aggressive. Had a sharp yeasty tang. Coke, vanilla, bit of cherry and dried dates. Bitterness at back of throat on the finish. Limited edition No1, and a lovely, lovely label. 

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