Sunday, February 03, 2013

Going, Going, Gunn

Innis & Gunn Original beer
I mind years ago, some influential barmaid on my life telling me that if you have a good time somewhere, whether it's Skye or Ibiza or wherever, you should never go back cause if you do it'll be shit.

I think there's truth in that but ... aw jeez, I'm trying to write a beer review here.

It's been an odd week. Not shit; different. I've been back working for the Sunday Herald newspaper this past week. Bit of a nostalgia trip, but anyway, on to Innis & Gunn.

I used to work with somebody at Waterstone's called Innis. Possibly Innes. He smoked and had teeth missing and was possibly a former junkie, knew too much about books and complimented my jumper too many times for comfort. He could be difficult though I kinda liked him. I think he was from the Black Isle. I knew a Maria Gunn from high school. I don't know if she's alive or dead or married someone called Innes.

Innis and Miss Gunn don't fit into this narrative by the way, and if space were an issue a decent sub would wheech that bit out.

I had one and half bottles of Innis and Gunn's flagship wonder Original tonight. I drank them towards the end of my 12-hour Saturday shift at the Sunday Herald. Years ago, we'd abeen over the Station Bar pouring as much beer as we could down our necks in two hours as was possible. Actually, years ago 12-hour shifts were normal.

The beer:

Aye, it's a paltry 6.6%, and sweet, amberish in colour. You can taste the vanilla and the toffee - I thought caramel - so the blurb on the bottle has some truth in it.

Truth is: it was too sweet for me darling. Aftertaste had a bit of a spirit sensation. And not in a good way, though I kinda liked it. Like an echo of a memory of poteen. Is it possible to dislike a beer you liked? Or like a beer you didn't like?

Honestly though, I wouldn't choose to buy this. Wasn't for me. Sorry Innis from Black Isle and Maria who might be dead but is probably married.


Anonymous said...

i agree no likey lots of good ideas about different beers going on mostly from usa so just sticking it in an old whisky barrel seems a wee bit lazy and it tastes shit as well

Colin Campbell said...

Err, thanks for your comment anonymous. I wouldn't say it tasted shit. The Original just wasn't for me. I know lots of other people enjoy it. And also, I think there are great, exciting things going on in Scottish breweries, including at Innis & Gunn. But I'd be interested to hear about the good things coming out of the US ...

Isers said...

I stayed in halls of residence at the same time as a lad called Innes/Innis. He had bad teeth, smoked and looked as if he was in the way to being a junkie. He was from the Black Isle and as we often shared the same bus home for weekend parental visits he adopted me as a friend. He knocked on my room door way too many times to complement me on my jumper so I eventually had to start hiding from him. I had a friend called Barry Gunning. I've never tried Innis and Gunn. Thanks.

Colin Campbell said...

Isers, that is a beautiful coincidence. He was very, very clever, I remember.