Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Of stout art

Brewed Awakening from Cromarty Brewing Company
I'd high hopes for Cromarty Brewing Company's Brewed Awakening. It was a recommend from a chum, and is widely trailed as a mighty fine stout. Won a few awards too, though I don't hold too much from that.

Well, this delicious stout did not disappoint. It badges itself as a coffee-infused stout, and you get that straightaway on the nose and on the taste. I also got a bit of chocolate and an earthy sweetness that kinda reminded me of the wild summer flowers you get along the sides of single-track roads on the west coast. Only not to smell, but if you ate them. It had a pleasurably dry and bitter aftertaste.

My Brewed Awakening was served chilled and had heehaw head on it. It was dark and rich and heavy, though it had poured smooth and silky and had enough of those sexy bubbles to tickle the back of my mouth on the way down.

On the label, Cromarty Brewing Co boasts of the stout's clean and crafty character, and lists wheat, oats and coffee from some Invernesian coffee den called Artysans among its ingredients, which is just grand.

A stout with heart and a 4.7% soul. Would hoppily have again.

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