Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Orkney brewery uses violence to secure awards nomination

Dark Island Reserve by Orkney Brewing Company
The mashers at Orkney Brewing Co have been talked down from a further bloodshed by receiving a nominated for a drink prize in the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards. That's good news for Scotland's A&E departments, obviously; but I do wonder just how much the decision was affected by the Orkney brewers' propensity for violence and intimidation. Quite a lot I'd say. 

Orkney's notably the ONLY brewer to have made the drinks shortlist, which also contained two juices (eh?!). That's right, Orkney Brewing Co's Dark Island Reserve is going up against an apple juice and a grapefruit juice. Hmmm, when they said black tie ...

I've never had Dark Island Reserve, but I'm going to have to hurry as there's no way I'll be seen dead drinking something that lost out to an apple or grapefruit juice, and pink at that. Mind you, chances of Orkney losing are fairly remote. Over someone's dead body, you might say. 

Orkney wasn't the only brewer to receive a nomination though. Brewing madhouse Allan Water Brewhouse also got a nod - this time for its efforts in combating Food and Drink Tourism. They're up against Hopeton Farm Shop and some place scarily called The Store. Smart money's on The Store, with the film rights being snapped up pretty soon after. 

Here's a nice picture of the Brewhouse, which I reckon is kinda what all foreigners want a traditional Scottish pub to look like. Only with people in it.

Allan Water Brewhouse

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