Sunday, February 09, 2014

V for Victory: Part II

So I finally got round to doing my label for Homebrew No. 5, V for Victory. I did labels for my previous four concoctions, and was keen to continue this tradition.

I thought it might be pretty clever to have a picture of Winston Churchill, doing his two-fingered salute, with a V mask from Alan Moore's classic V for Vendetta. For that wee personal touch I gave him the eyes offof one of the aliens from the sci-fi series V.

Pretty neat idea I thought, but it wasn't really working for me - even if I had gone back to tidy up the Photoshopping. See what I mean:

I needed a rethink.

My mum said some nice words about my stout, here. She said it minded her of three old ladies drinking stout back in the days of black-and-white in a rowdy wee howff in Manchester called the Rovers Return.

So I had a went home tae think again and came up with something slightly different. Inspired by Moore's V for Vendetta and Coronation Street, it's a wee tribute to my mum.

Here it is:

I quite like it. What do you think?


john ferry said...

Inspired label design Colin, John F

Colin Campbell said...

Aww, thanks John. Next post, or maybe the one after, is a wee showing of the four previous ones. Works of art, mate ;)